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Enrich your life with our collection of pure and potent mushroom powders, teas, coffees, chocolates and vegan protein. These superfoods have been proven to improve your wellbeing, boost energy levels, strengthen immune health, focus, and so much more...


Food of the gods! I bought some chocolate recently from Enrichd and can safely say that it was the best chocolate I’d ever tasted! As well as being nutritious this chocolate tasted amazing. I eat chocolate primarily for its nutritional benefits and have tried lots of different raw chocolate, but this one was easily the best I’ve come across so far.

Maria J.

Magic Sleep! Wow! I can honestly say, I have not slept this well in 16 years. I’m not sure if it’s the Turkey Tail Mushroom or the Chaga but I am absolutely loving how deep and restful my sleep has been since I started drinking these two weeks ago. Look forward to my tea every night and Love the taste too.

Nat T.

Reishi heaven! 😇😍🍄 Recently started using Reishi and it’s just incredible. Use the hot chocolate recipe suggested and tinker with the salt/sugar to hit that bliss point... The taste sensation is out of this world. Best nights sleep ever too. Will be back for more! ❤️

Katie P.

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ENRICHD Superfoods

"ENRICHD is much more than a brand or business, it's a proud offering to you following a rather turbulent yet magnificently inspired journey..."

- Rich, the chief tea drinker at ENRICHD

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