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Money and Mania /= Your Health

Hey! I thought you might like to be inspired and perhaps act on some of these favourite empowering quotes on health and longevity - living long and healthy, rather than merely prolonging life - they're quite different approaches to your health.

Do you want to prolong your life, or live well longer? 

You might notice I'm not quoting the mainstream health influencers. In a time where the loudest voice/well paid ads reach the most people, I believe it's more important than ever to filter out influencers with "mania and money" and be highly selective. 

Of course, we can be inspired by high energy people at the top of our "feeds" though, remember we are all in different seasons of life - age, environment, happiness levels, stressors, location etc...

The proponent of HIIT might be rocking it, though do you need it, maybe, maybe not... They might be all-in on the latest fad diet, though what about next year, or in 5 years? The gadget junkies, monitoring and controlling every aspect of their existence, is that healthy? Or perhaps an extension of an imbalance? Be selective, know thyself ;)

Here we go.....


"Food is much more than just numbers; it becomes part of the human body. It builds enzymes, triggers the production and release of hormones, affects cellular function, AND it is information for your DNA."

Your Invisible Shield, Jefferson DePeron

"To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes."

Dr Bruce Lipton

"Chinese Medicine is a possible alternative approach to disease, that does not treat the illness as an enemy and therefore does not create new diseases."

Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth (Paraphrased) 

"What we've found in researching and studying many facets of heart coherence is that we can in fact regulate our internal states, independent of the conditions in our external environment"

Dr Joe Dispenza

"Eat to live or eat to die"

Dr Sebi

Thank you so much for being here...