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Reishi Spores vs. Love Reishi (fruiting Body)

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In short, Reishi Spores are more for hormone balance and immune support, where as Reishi Fruiting Body (Love Reishi) is more for modulating the immune system. 

That's very broadly speaking and the key is in the concentration of the active compounds. Specifically we are looking at Triterpenes, Ganoderic Acids and Beta-Glucans and Polysaccharides. 


The spores are more nutty, softer, earthy tasting with a mild calming feelings. Love Reishi (the fruiting body - the bit you see on the tree or wood) is intensely bitter and, for, goes straight to the heart. 


In hot water, add to coffee, cacao (hot choc) or chicory. Or if you want you could always add to smoothies (because ENRICHD Love Reishi is a dual extract and the spores are cracked cell so digestible).


Both our Reishi Spores and Love Reishi Fruiting Body Extract are from wood-grown Reishi and are tested for Integrity and Intensity.


Reishi Spore Powder Benefits (Cracked Cell)

- Triterpenes (higher concentration in spores)
- Greater amounts of Ganoderic acids and oils
- Rich in micronutrient compounds and fibers
- Support the Immune System
- Support deep sleep
- Calming / De-stress / Balancing
- Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal effects
- Support Circulation
- Support health blood pressure
- The Spore can be thought of like the “seed” of Reishi mushroom and so is known as a "Jing" and Shen tonic.

Love Reishi (Wood-Grown and Dual Extract)

- Higher concentration of Beta-Glucans
- Higher concentration of Polysaccharides
- Known more for Immune System modulation (immuno-modulator)
- Liver Support/Protector
- Calming and Relaxing
- Supports healthy circulation.
- Free radical scavenger
-Helps protect agains radiation and environmental stressors/toxins.
- Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.
- Shen Tonic