heilroom cacao reishi chaga lions mane
ENRICHD Heirloom Raw Chocolate Bars 60g (Lions Mane, Chaga or Reishi)
heirloom cacao reishi chaga lions mane

ENRICHD Heirloom Raw Chocolate Bars 60g (Lions Mane, Chaga or Reishi)

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By far the best chocolate on the entire planet.

The cacao in these bars is from 200 years old Chuncho cacao trees that a live (protected by the sacred Apu Urusayhua mountain) in Peru. 

Because they are raw, we are able to maintain high antioxidant levels along with the rich flavour of the beans.

At an altitude of 1200m (unusual for cacao) these cacao trees are truly magical and I vividly remember the first time I enjoyed their offering.

You see, when you eat chocolate from healthy, wise old trees there is something very special that is gifted to us, something completely intangible, that touches your heart and merges with your soul. Yes, this is deep living chocolate.

EVERY single ingredient in these bars is purposely selected and is made by one of the World's finest chocolate makers Jacques Cop.

>> Cacao (un-roasted) from 200 year old Chuncho trees from the Urubamba Valley in Peru

>> Lions Mane Mushroom (Dual Extract & Wood Grown)

>> Reishi Mushroom (Dual Extract & Wood Grown)

>> Wildcrafted Chaga Mushroom (Dual Extract & Wildcrafted)

>> Coconut Palm Sugar

>> Longan Powder

*Soy Free, Lecithin free, No added anything.

Simple, potent and AMAZING! (See reviews below!)



(Dual Extract & Wood Grown 🍄)

(Dual Extract & Wood Grown 🍄)

(Dual Extract & Wildcrafted 🍄)


Peruvian Chuncho in its authentic and pure form is rare to say the least.

"Under the shadows of the Apu Urusayhua, Mother of stone, grow the old and sturdy Chuncho trees, some of which are 200 years old.

Local mythology describes Apu Urusayhua (mother of stone) as a sacred mountain. Apu is also the local name given to the mountain spirits that guard the land and connect the people to the highest realm.

Beneath the heights, the spume and the strong winds of the Apu Urusayhua lives the lush Urubamba Valley, where local smallholders grow their ancient Chuncho".

Natives of the valley are proud of their heritage and to this day a number of families harvest the Chuncho beans from these beautiful and wise trees to make their own chocolate.

Cacao genetic scientists have found that, genetically speaking, these old Chunchos are some of the richest cacaos in the world.

To preserve the genetic code of this cacao and the health of the land and to respect these beautiful trees our master chocolatier sources from selected farmers with old growth Chuncho trees.

You see why we chose these cacao trees and these beans now, right?

We invite you to enjoy them....