No Cow Cacao Vegan Protein Powder (Plant Based)
No Cow Cacao Vegan Protein Powder (Plant Based)

No Cow Cacao Vegan Protein Powder (Plant Based)

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VOTED #1 UK Protein Powder by "Best Protein Powder Online"

ENRICHD raw protein blends are derived from high quality plant protein sources. A great addition to a healthy diet or a perfect post exercise recovery shake. Our synergy of protein, digestive enzymes and natural plant fibres make a unique plant based protein with a superior amino acid profile - and it tastes amazing!

How many grams of protein per scoop?

Why choose this protein shake?

- STRONG and well balanced amino combo blend of Hemp + Pea
- DIGESTIVE ENZYMES in this formula may support digestion
- The benefits of hemp and pea protein are WELL STUDIED
- Hemp is a SUSTAINABLE plant
- NO artificial flavours or sweeteners
- TASTES awesome
- Plant based
- Source of vitamins and minerals
- Contains extra SUPER FOODS (Chlorella and Moringa)
- Source of Magnesium and Iron

Select Ingredients:
Raw Plant Protein [Bio-Fermented Pea Protein
Cold Pressed Hemp Protein Powder]
Raw Cacao Powder
Moringa Powder
Digestive Enzyme Blend [Betaine HCL, Ginger extract 20:1, Papain, Peppermint leaf, Fennel seed, Amylase, Bromelain, Lipase, Protease]
Stevia Extract
Natural Vanilla and Chocolate Flavourings.