Our Story

Rich, the chief tea drinker at ENRICHD lives for this!

"ENRICHD is much more than a brand or business, it's a proud offering to you following a rather turbulent yet magnificently inspired journey..."


What inspired Rich to begin ENRICHD?

"Around 16 years ago they removed the tumor. I was laying on the bed in between operations when I truly realised that you have to take responsibility for your own health.

Following that earth shaking experience and wake-up call I embarked upon almost 2 decades of research through World Travel and experience; from Thai Boxing camps in Thailand, weeks of silent meditations, years of Tea and Mushroom Ceremonies, living with Drs of Traditional Eastern Medicine, years living and researching in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia to Personal Training in Los Angeles, and back to England to offer you ENRICHD"

"INTEGRITY/INTENSITY is our tag-line, which is about the sourcing and potency of our Medicinal Mushroom Powders, Teas, Chocolate and Protein Powders, and so much more - especially in how we connect with you, with Integrity and Intensity!"

Founder's Favourites:

Favourite Hot Drink: Reishi +Cacao in tigernut milk.

Favourite Protein Shake: Epic Vanilla

Position in the Band: Drummer!

Beach or Mountains: Mountains by the beach!

Rich's Quote: "Close your eyes and look again"


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Thank you for being here... :)