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ENRICHD SUPERFOODS Angelic Rose (Hot Choc Rose-Reishi)

Angelic "Reishi" Rose - Cacao Elixir

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Welcome to Angelic "Reishi" Rose - The future of Reishi, Rose and Cacao Elixirs 

A blissful elixir, comprising of Pink Rose flower extract, or Love Reishi, Beautiful Tremella, Reishi Spore and Single Origin Raw Cacao powder. 

It's the most blissful cacao drink you'll experience... Every ingredient with it's own unique offerings.

Rose is beautiful source of antioxidants (high in vitamin C), is anti-inflammatory, may ease menstrual pain/cramping, is relaxing, enjoyed for digestive support (support the gastric juices), and the natural oils of rose may support skin hydration.

Then we have Reishi and Reishi spore for immune support, anti cancer potential (many studies) and calming nature (as well as heart opening.

Raw Single Origin Cacao is for the feel good boost, antioxidants, and heart chakra and so much more too!

Tremella is for cellular hydration, cognition and digestive support too, wow!

This is a pure heart chakra elixir with immune empowering and balancing Reishi and Reishi Spore (which are like the seeds of Reishi)

Make yourself a blissful, Angelic Rose hot choc, with meaning.


Raw Organic Cacao powder (single origin)

Reishi (Dual Extract, Wood Grown, Fruiting Body)


Reishi Spore (Cracked Cell well for bioavailability)

Pink Rose Flower extract