EVENT TICKET: "Chocolate, Teas and Smoothies" 12th September, Burton-On-Trent

EVENT TICKET: "Chocolate, Teas and Smoothies" 12th September, Burton-On-Trent

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Healthy can taste amazing and feel fantastic too! 

You may have noticed that much of the health industry today is still too focused on counting and restriction - we think that's totally boring and unsustainable!

If you're looking for something a little more fun, sustainable and meaningful than 'fad diets' then you are going to LOVE this event.

Richard Enion (your host) will take you on a journey, exposing some of the greatest lifestyle "upgrades" that you can try straight away and feel the benefits.

The content of this event is based on 1000 year old traditions and also recent scientific studies.

Yes, you will eat awesome raw chocolate, yes you will taste some of the World's finest teas AND you will enjoy a deeply nourishing smoothie taster!

12th September, 2018 (It's Wednesday)
Where: Confessions Burton
Start Time: 7pm
2 hours

About the host: Richard beat cancer, was an obese kid, has co-authored the forthcoming book F**K Dieting, and now has 10+ years delivering events of this kind and is bringing it to Confessions Burton at The Trinity.

Limited spaces. Tickets only. Buy it now.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: £5 of your ticket can be claimed back on all purchases of £50+ of ENRICHD products on the night.